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Join the Parrot Club of Manitoba

Many people in the club have parrots. A parrot is any bird with a hooked beak and zygodactyl toes, where the middle two toes point forward and the outside two toes point back (this includes budgies, cockatiels, conures, caiques, cockatoos, african greys, etc). You do not need to own a parrot to become a member.

Whether you already own a parrot, are interested in getting a parrot, or are just want to know more about parrots, please come to a meeting as our guest. Our members have a wealth of experience to share!

Incentives for joining the club:
  • Access to our monthly meetings, year-end Christmas dinner, summer BBQ, seasonal events (e.g., annual pet expo) 
  • A chance to socialize with other people who have similar interests 
  • The option of requesting help from the club (e.g., pet sitting, behaviour advice, husbandry advice)
  • Ability to adopt or foster parrots surrendered to the club
  • The chance to become actively engaged in club activities through volunteerism 
  • Attend events throughout the year to help raise awareness about parrots and the club

Membership fees are $40.00 CDN for an Annual Membership.

Memberships to the club keep us operating so that we can act as a valuable resource for people and parrots in Manitoba. We help numerous families and their birds every year, and through continued membership support, we can continue to do so. Members do not need to be actively engaged in the club, however we do encourage participation.

**NEW** You can now purchase a new membership, or renew an existing membership on our website. Please use the checkout button below to purchase a membership through paypal. After you have purchased a membership, please email us with the information included in the “membership form” which can also be downloaded below. If you do not wish to purchase a membership online, you can also purchase one in-person at our monthly meetings with cash or cheque.

Purchase a 1-year Parrot Club Membership for $40